Monday, January 24, 2011

ABCmouse, Launched by the makers of folks who made Neopets

As far as I know, pictures were the way to tell stories. Hieroglyphs on tombs, the drawings of animals on cave walls. Before actual language we use to draw what we saw to relay our story.

We all know animation is a great way to tell an epic story, a short story to show exaggerated emotions and feats.

Well Animation is also a great way to teach our children about reading.

For years now I have been setting my daughter down in front of the computer and letting her play with a online kids teaching tool. She has excelled in learning two things in particular that I have noticed. 1. Her dexterity with her hand eye coordination and 2. her skills at reading.

The site we went to was short flash animation that was cute but not as educational as I would have liked. Now there is a whole new rich animation oriented learning tool online called is a global education initiative of Age of Learning, Inc. Our goal is to help children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum to greatly assist early learners to succeed in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs.

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