Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have been a big fan of for a couple of years. Thats where I went to find new episodes of Naruto and Bleach. I also watched many of their archive animes they have in their list.
I had sent many of people there to find this or that.
But now I am dissapointed. I will be removing them from all my links. They have blocked access to their servers unless you donate them $5.00us to keep the servers going.
I would donate to them but I still argue the fact thats why we have fan subs. Fans who volunteer to record and sub translations for animes. I spent years doing it for mangas. Got the most heart felt thank yous for it too. I encourage fans to put their talents to good use for the rest of us to enjoy them too.
Anyway My point is if you know of a good site to add animes to your collection or to keep up on new releases please let me know here. The only other place I know for Bleach is I prefer the direct downloads. I haven't done the torrent thing in a long time.

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