Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is wrong with Illinois?

Seems to me like all the politicians that come out of Illinois are pompous, arrogant, big headed, idiots.
Now I am not trying to be nice about this. But I think that a more respected person should also be a humble person.
For example, B-Rock’s assurance he would be president long before the elections took place. OK, so he just so happens to be the best person we had for the job but that makes me sick to my stomach that that was all we had. His arrogance alone should have made you question the choice. <- I support the man, as I should. But still think he was elected just because of the color of his skin.
Rod Blagojevich is a major retard who is enjoying the limelight of being in the eye of the camera. Not the fact that he’s a thief and a liar and should be apologizing to people. He has absolutely zero idea that he is a moron and still thinks people love him. How delusional can you actually become in life? <- wouldn’t know what being humble was if it slapped him in the face with a trout. Another one who’s ego is on the moon.
Bobby Rush, a hater. That is obvious as the day. Why has he not been removed from office for being such a raciest? Hey Bobby, I don’t think the Black Panthers are legitimate anymore. It’s an old organization that is as popular as the KKK yet you still think it gives you some sort of political foothold and that turns my stomach. I am appalled at the people who elected someone like you to represent them in the first place. People who think like you should get off my planet. Your corrupting the youth of America with your constant segregation between black and white. Hey stupid!!! It’s not about Roland Burris being black. It’s about his competence. You, and the way you think, is what America has overcome. You are living in an old world that most of us younger guys just don’t understand.
Roland Burris, Here is a guy who can not even take a hint. It’s a shame that he was involved with Rod Blagojevich. But it’s a funny story. This guy was nominated as a Jr Senator by one of the most corrupt politicians in American history. But instead of stepping back and saying, “whoa, wait fella. I am in fact the man for the job but I will earn the seat. Not buy it. Nor do I want to be associated with someone like you.”
Look, I am picking on Illinois because you all seem to be the other line of commonsense. I think you all need to come down a couple of notches for Americas sake.
I do have issues with the far left liberals. I think they have started a nasty trend of whining about everything that does not go their way. I do not dispute that it is working in their favor but I agree that it is the wrong way. I am feeling like America has become the weird guy who is sitting in the corner booth at IHOP, with a French fry hanging out his beard and licking his quarters.”

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