Monday, January 12, 2009

HDTV build for my Livingroom.

So I spent the weekend building a computer that would look better on my 720p HDTV. I use to have it connected via S-video cable and an audio cable. It was quite messy behind the TV with cables for this and cables for that.
I wanted to stream down my cables and use a HDMI cable for both my HD video and my digital audio. I bought a reasonable motherboard with a HDMI port built in.
It was nothing to put in. Took me some troubleshooting before I realized to move a set of jumpers over in order to activate the port.
I was very pleased about the video. The movies I watched with the DVD player were smooth and crisp. The movies I streamed from were a lot better quality than some of the others. That makes me happy because when I miss an episode of what ever I am watching at the moment (Legend of the Seeker and Heroes) I can find it on there and in great HD quality.

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