Monday, January 12, 2009

WEP and home security

WEP and home security You should think of home security as often as you think about company network securities. WEP cracking has literally become a new craze for not just hackers but children who opted for the new laptop last Christmas instead of the new Wii or PS3.Now, I have done it and it's quite fun to play around with. With new distribution's coming out like Whax or Back Track 3 or the utilities used like the aircrack suite. Anyone can learn how to use them in a matter of hours. And that makes for a dangerous opening to your network.I belong to several hacker forums to stay up to date on new vulnerabilities for applications and systems. Most of the time I learn of them first at the forums instead of places like National Vulnerability Database. WEP cracking is going to be a major issue in the next year or so to come.As easily as it is to get on your wireless network (don't be fooled by hiding your ssid). It's easier to poison your ARP whilst I am on there. What that does is fool your computer into thinking my computer is the router and routs all traffic through my pc before it moves out to the internet. I can capture all traffic and even obtain your personal information whilst I am doing it. If identity theft is so important these days, why are so many people allowing others access to their private networks.Out of the 21 different wireless ssid's I can gather from my house, only 3 of them are properly secured from these kind of local attacks. The rest of them I have sniffed. I'll have to say that learning about my neighbors that way is not a pleasant experience at all. I would prefer them lieing to my face and making up some story at the mail box about how they are doing then what I have learned by snooping. I know it's wrong but it's what I do. I am just pointing out the severity of this new craze.I would like to go around strip malls and sniff some business wireless signals. Gather as much data as I can then go to them with it all. Alas, Between work and pen-testing networks I have literally zero extra time left over.
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